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Our property experts give 5 essential insights on how to get the best estimated market value of your property

If you are a homeowner that has had your property for some time you may be wondering “how much is my property worth?” Getting an up to date property appraisal is always a good idea as different factors change the value of property over time. Also, there may be factors that you haven’t taken into account that can affect property prices in your area.

Our Namar Properties experts are experienced in all factors in property valuation and offer their 5 essential recommendations. 

#1: Get A Property Appraisal to Help Decide if Renovating Before Selling is a Good Investment

Having your property appraised by and getting advice from an experienced real estate agent will help you make the decision as to any renovations that can be done on your property that will help you get a better price and be a good return on investment. As important is to ensure you don’t overspend on any remodeling or extensions that may not be needed.

#2: Understand That Property Values Differ in the Same Location

Researching the value of properties in your suburb by scanning the weekend newspapers or online is a good way to get a price estimate but it will not give you an accurate evaluation of your property’s value. Here you need the help of a professional with knowledge and insights of the various factors beyond your homes location to give a more accurate market value.

If you are a homeowner that has had your property for some time you may be wondering “how much is my property worth?”…”

#3: Use a Local Agent 

Our real estate experts will be familiar with your local area and have up to date sales data on recent transactions in your local area plus surrounding suburbs. Being able to draw on local experience and the latest sales data enables our team to give a more accurate estimated market value of your property. Our agents will be able to compare your property’s condition and what improvements you have made with other properties in your area. They will also be able to identify points of difference or features that are in demand and factor in these unique selling points to your property’s estimated market value.

#4: Ensure Your Property Appraisal is Obligation Free

A Namar Properties agent will be happy to arrange a meeting at your property to provide an obligation free estimated market value for your home. We adhere to industry guidelines and provide thorough and honest inspections. As a property owner you may meet with several real estate agents and if you have doubts or feel unhappy with your chosen agent you should always consider a second opinion to be absolutely sure. 

If you are unhappy with your current agent contact us for a second opinion 

#5:  Know the Difference Between a Property Valuations Vs Appraisal

It is important to understand the difference between property valuation and appraisal. Valuations are a formal assessment whereas an appraisal is best used as a guide to help you make the right decisions for your investment.


There are many reasons why you might want a property appraisal, you feel the time is right to move, you want to better understand what improvements may be needed to get a better price before you sell or other local property owners you know have sold at a good price and you want to capitalize while the going is good. 

Your expert local Namar Properties real estate agent is ready to begin your selling journey with you. Using the latest in sales data and expert market knowledge we are ready to give an obligation free appraisal at no cost, like we have been doing for other Port Elizabeth property owners for over ten years. Request one right now by contacting us…

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